It’s time to rethink your packaging

Ensure your cargo arrives in as-made condition every time. Precisionrap, the ultra-smart handheld pallet wrapping system puts consistent, machine-quality wrapping and load containment in the palm of your hand.

Traditional hand pallet wrapping techniques are costing you time, money and lead to workplace injury.

Lacks optimal stretch and consistency which leads to lost loads.
Awkward, unsafe and leads to operator injury.
Requires excess film and time to get the job done.

Wrap your pallet right with Precisionrap

Our two-part handheld system includes a durable, ergonomically designed dispenser and uses a unique, high-performance stretch film to wrap your pallet with the right amount of stretch and load containment every time.
Smarter hand pallet wrapping starts here

Hand wrap with machine-quality consistency

Precisionrap is precise, easy-to-use and gives you uniform, machine-quality wrapping and containment every time. Even inexperienced operators will wrap like a pro.

Shrink packaging costs and get to market faster

With Precisionrap, you’ll get machine-wrapped quality using less film, in less time, than traditional hand wrapping techniques.

Reduce fatigue and workplace injury

Hand pallet wrapping is awkward and wears on the body. Our lightweight, ergonomic system is used from a forward-facing, standing position, and does the film stretching for you.

Experience the Precisionrap difference

We put our Precisionrap system to the test against traditional hand pallet wrapping techniques. The result – Precisionrap wraps pallets better, faster using less film, every time.

Customer Success Story


A 3rd party logistics company needed to ramp up pallet wrapping capacity to handle the shipping of 700+ pallets a day. Traditional hand pallet wrapping practices were slow, ineffective at reaching the top and bottom of pallets and failed at properly containing loads consistently.


The Precisionrap system enabled a faster, higher quality and more consistent wrapping process without the need for more warehouse space.


20% more pallets are being wrapped per shift, resulting in a faster loading of trucks and a speedier time to market. Film costs savings of $100k/year, better containment of all types of loads and significant improvements in workplace injury.

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